Build It Green Canada Inc.

Welcome to the first neighbourhood development in Canada to have all homes qualified under the CHBA Net Zero Home Labelling Program.



    Be assured we have the relationships with key stakeholders in premium, proprietary systems used today to deliver a superior home for you and your family.

    Designed from a high-level sustainability approach, our homes have been proven to not only save on cooling and heating costs and minimize maintenance and waste- but also improve the quality of the local micro-climate and be a positive influence on water management.

    We use informational seminars to educate prospective buyers of our Net Zero homes. In doing so we maintain community awareness and build relationships based on trust and respect for the environment.


    A material behavioural offset when shown against a traditional build backdrop is easily understood. Using the latest low impact techniques, minimizing waste, and streamlining schedules- our premise is poised to over deliver.
    Net Zero is a lifestyle, even a mentality. Buyers are more discerning, and will lead a market shift. Put simply, the power to make a positive impact is here and in the hands of every Global Citizen. We will always be a consumer on our planet- that it is sustainable and the least harmful consumption is key.

    Choosing to buy a home that is on balance a beneficial proposal to the planet is a proving ground for the larger discussions. Register your interest now and we will let you know when we are breaking ground on the next project!

what is net zero
Our mandate is to specialize in Net Zero residential and commercial projects. A Custom Home builder and Cleantech systems installer, we leverage strategic partnerships and deliver education, information and innovation.
our vision

To be Canada’s ambassador to best practice low impact construction methods and materials. By being a leading provider of Net Zero communities using innovative and responsible systems that exist today, we work with our clients to provide a sustainable tomorrow.

our mission

To be a place where people can purchase, from start to finish, an earth-conscious precisely crafted home or building primarily sustained by renewable energy. Utilizing our locally sourced suppliers, our Microfit operations can supply a common sense approach to power systems installations in existing buildings.

net zero construction

There is alot of fuzzy math out there.

A broad consensus that most people are unaware of, is that landfills are close to half- or more than half filled with construction garbage.

Traditional construction techniques that push toward the Net Zero premise favour an ‘over building’ approach- and don’t tend to be a truly viable sustainable solution.

Thermal bridging challenges, improper installation techniques and more detract from any benefits of ‘adding another layer’ to achieve a higher R value.

Simply put, our best practice approach to Net Zero is to adhere to superior standards not previously employed. Literally a re-think from the ground up, it is a constant evolution.

why go big

Working with Premium suppliers in the Greentech industry we: employ low impact development techniques, minimize waste on site, energy model our homes to show you an expected annual rebate, and much more.

Our building envelope designs are 80% more efficient than traditional models and energy modelling has shown far superior to traditional build ‘Net Zero-Ready’ homes currently available in the market in an apples-to-apples comparison.

Purely from a GHG perspective*_:

  • Ontario has the highest demand-based emissions total of all the provinces.
  • Canadians – and Ontarians – have some of the world’s highest per capita emissions.
  • Ontario’s  per  capita  GHG  emission  footprint  (12.6 tonnes), compared to Sweden (5.8 tonnes), the U.K.(9.1 tonnes), Norway (10.6 tonnes) and worldwide (4.9 tonnes)

To date, traditional home builders have been relying on data that Net Zero isn’t achievable in volume. This is a currently adopted flawed reasoning, as it simply means they don’t or are unwilling to do it.

Our roadmap to success if simply to offer best practice that gives a practical price-point in Net Zero construction and energy retrofit projects. It is the only viable option for volume builders and will offer a win-win on all sides.

Examining one scenario of a single household consuming electricity from primarily a GHG emitting source (the grid) – versus a net-metered solar generator that contributes to a healthy supply of energy for others…the potential is game changing.

Improve your bottom line and see the results before you do it. Proof positive via energy audit and much more- happens first.


    Close working relationships with key Cleantech industry stakeholders, our proprietary approach and integration to existing buildings make us the perfect fit for your project. Reach out today to find out how we can deliver a Net Zero approach to your project.


    Are you renovating or are you looking to build from scratch? Do you simply want to know how to offset you current utility bills?

    We can show you how much money you will save in the short term and the long game. With a complete energy audit of your existing building, versus where you want to be, a clear execution and all the tools at our disposal to guide you through the applicable government funding to support your project.

    A significant component of your project may well be how your current and future clients see this as a net positive for your brand.


    As a society there are many challenges to achieving sustainability. Ours is not only external process, but it is an internal discipline.
    It does not come easily but major shifts in behaviour and or technology rarely are. To ensure the highest degree of success, we employ the following in our daily work schedules:

    • Consider ecological and client interests ahead of the firm’s.
    • Observe high ethical standards.
    • Maintain a small highly-skilled workforce to maximize best workmanship and time efficiency.
    • Maintain a Global Citizen perspective.
    • Manage shareholder, client and firm resources cost-effectively on balance with a global responsibility.

    • Using training seminars and or information releases to inform prospective buyers.
    • Use our local network to deliver the best choice of technologies and approach to all clients.
    • Relay current best practice in Net Zero lifestyle to clients and stakeholders.
    • Maintain community awareness to sustain improvement in next generation projects, and retrofits.
    • Build enduring relationships based on trust and respect for the environment.
    • Create an unrivaled environment for exceptional people
    • Be non-hierarchical and inclusive.
    • Sustain a caring meritocracy.
    • Develop one another through apprenticeship and mentoring.
    • Uphold the obligation to dissent.
    • Govern ourselves as a “One Earth” partnership.
    • Maintain an open discussion regarding responsible emerging renewable technologies.