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Smart Grid Approach | Build it Green

01 Smart Grid Approach

Smart Grid applications compliment Net-Metering by detecting and reacting to changes in energy supply and demand. In this way, it improves grid resiliency- reducing brown outs for those homes that are reliant on the grid, while paying back those whom produce energy and feed the grid with excess energy on demand.

Significant capacity residential solar arrays- an exciting new product rollout. Unheard of peak efficiencies. Local energy storage means that although your home will be connected to the grid, operating on its own solar capacity and generate a surplus- it does not require grid to sustain itself.

Developments that utilize a Smart Grid approach are key for optimizing energy use required to power a neighborhood. A province. A nation. All communities should be built like this.

02 Sustainability

Our partnerships are tactic proof that there is a viable route to delivering a superior Net zero home at a practical price. We align ourselves only with superior product offerings that fit within Net Zero best practice.

Low impact development. Bin-less construction. High recycled content materials. Low VOC products, High quality LED hardware. Highly efficient appliances, active HRV/ERV maintaining air quality and more. All electric home. Advanced Stormwater management. These are just some of the underlying pillars of what new construction should represent.

03 Floor Plans

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04 Beeton

A unique history, a strong sense of community and the ability to enjoy the sweet and simple things in life; Beeton certainly has a lot to offer locals and visitors alike. You’ll find your niche whether you’re interested in the locally-renowned Honey and Garden Festival, admiring the interesting Townscape or grabbing a bite to eat at one of the local establishments. Today The Village of Beeton is represented by characteristic architecture, an intimate connection with nature, and a deep sense of identity.

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